A while back, about a month, I was presented with the opportunity to swap computers. A PowerBook Ti for a Clamshell. At the time, I had two Ti books, one 500MHz, original, fully loaded with AirPort card. A really nice machine, but at the same time, I really wanted an iBook G3 Clamshell. I had never seen one. I had never touched one. For those who do not know what an iBook ‘Clamshell’ is, here is a pic:

Stevie loves clammy

It is a rather massive laptop, and to PC users, it a giant toilet seat, but few can appreciate the gentle curves, resembling a seashell, or a clamshell.

Here it is, again, showcasing how MASSIVE it is:

15" MBP vs Clamshell

Although it is a very large device, the OS is trapped inside a tiny screen. 800x600, ouch! Luckily, there is a modification that allows you to put a much larger screen inside the later model. Back to the story. I ended up shipping the TiBook, and two days later receiving an Indigo Clamshell, sans battery. After a ‘quick’ hard drive replacement (5GB 4200 RPM, V.S. 60GB 7200 RPM), I installed OS X 10.4.11 and OS 9.2.1. and simply enjoyed it. I was limited by the lack of battery, but it was still a hoot!

Fast forward to yesterday

I was at work, and a package came in for me. I figured it would be a PoE switch for resetting Cisco phones. Nope! A bright orange Clamshell met my eyes. A mutual friend, inside of the company, spotted this at his location, and shipped it to me. What a surprise! Said co-worker was throughly thanked! Within a month, I got two clamshells, one of the most desired vintage laptop, to date.