State of the Union


I cannot believe that it has been three months since I last updated my blog. So much has changed since then. I graduated high school, moved out, and broke up with my girlfriend, all in that order.

High School

I was really thrilled to walk the stage. Honestly it makes me sad that I don’t have a way to keep myself concurrently connected to the friends I casually had. Sure I have social media, but I don’t have a common destination. Oh well. I wish I could replay it, sitting there in a stupid gown surrounded by people I knew. My friend had a great Saludictorian speech, and I throughougly commend him for it. Great job bud.

Moving Out

I’ve wanted my own place for a while. Since I felt like I compromised by going to a local school (University of Memphis, ugh), I was pretty set on being broke still, so I found some roommates and we moved into a 2.1/3rd bedroom house real close to campus. So far, its great having a house. We’ll see what thats like in a few months.

Breaking Up

This had been coming for a while. The past few months had an ‘out-of-sync’ feeling that I can’t just describe. Katherine was a great girl, she was stunning and is smart as hell, and I’m happy to remain friends with her, but we were too similar for it to work out. It all can’t be like Scrubs, thanks J.D.

Final word

I’m really excited for the next chapter of my life, I feel adiquately prepared for it. I have some small projects up in the air, namely an update to Test Strip. Its very alpha and built in Swift 4, but already the usability changes have made my usage of the app skyrocket. Recently, I was unfortunately driven out of a group chat that I helped forge in the fires of iMessage with some fellow friends. Also, unfortunately, the chat has devolved into a place where I didn’t feel like home. My memory isn’t the best, so I’d mis-speak about something I said earlier or something I owned and I’d get harrased if it wasn’t corrected. There was also some ‘no-no’s when it came to stuff to talk about. If someone was buying something, or receiving something related to the interests of the chat, it wasn’t discussed. There was also alot of downright ridiculous demands, and on top of that, the chat was filled with obnoxiousness. There were three people perpetuating the situation. Too much drama and stupidity and I am overjoyed to have those three ‘people’ out of my life. From complaining to over-bragging, it was frustrating being in the chat day-to-day. The feeling of friends hanging out was gone. The final straw was “hey Keatons in a bad mood watch out”. I wasn’t, I was just being poked for no reason. Long story short, I am very sorry if you encounter these people. They are terrible people. Leeches on society.

On a lighter note, I am working on my car more, and I think I can make it tons better! I am happy that I am back online and functioning again, and I hope that I can write more. Signing off for now, Keaton.


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