New Mac Pros

This was really interesting to wake up and see.

Seems like Apple has finally realized something. Their Pro market is a bit unhappy. It is very interesting that they “conceited defeat” by admitting that the industry went a different way than they were expecting. The biggest reason they took such a jump to a smaller, and enclosed enclosure was because of a hopeful future in parallel GPU technology. However, it never really happened that way. For a video editing professional, a single upgraded (and probably flashed) GPU is enough, provided they have a Mac Pro with upgradable internals.

When it comes to timeline, it isn’t quite clear when Apple will release, other than its planned for next year, alongside a new display. I will say this, even if both are a flop, I am still extremely excited for the coming years at Apple. They have realized their mistake, but it wasn’t a mistake they made knowingly until recently. Apple has recognized their own issue and is currently fixing it. Apple admitted fault and conceited defeat themselves. Impressive. Especially after seeing the very strange array of issues with the recent LG 5K displays. Apple has learned, from that hilariously bad decision, if they want it done right, Apple should do it themselves. Now, after years of sliding, I am really excited for Apple again. I’m excited since I own the last upgradable Mac Pro, I own the 2nd to last upgradable MacBook Pro (2011), and I’m ready for something that isn’t on the market yet.

As an iOS and macOS developer, I use Apple’s tools, because you really can’t use anything else properly. I’d like to say Xcode is this smart, sleek piece of IDE that works incredibly well. That would be a lie. I’d like to say it uses a proportionate amount of RAM, doesn’t bug out sometimes causing lack-luster performance, and mysterious issues only solved with a relaunch. I’d really love to. But Xcode isn’t that piece of software. It is fat, bloated, and very frustrating sometimes. I’m using Apple software on an Apple machine running Apple’s operating system and I’m having a hard time. Without my machines being upgradable, I doubt I’d be able to run Xcode and develop for iOS/macOS.

We think it’s really important to create something great for our pro customers who want a Mac Pro modular system…

Though we don’t know much about the form-factor, it is guaranteed to be modular in some way, shape, or form. If you’ve worked on an HP server recently, you’ll know that their CPU, GPU, and RAM modularity is fantastic. My personal favorite is the HP ProLiant DL580 G6. Front-facing removable RAM and CPU tray. No screws hold the heatsink, its all levers. The RAM slides out in modular boxes ready to be filled and slotted back. The PCIe lanes are basic, but it works very well. No screws either, just another big blue lever. Now, I don’t want a Mac Pro as large as a DL580, but I don’t want it small either.

My logic is this, larger Mac Pro, more upgradability, better airflow.

And it needs to be beautiful.

I’m not worried about that last bit, as I know, Apple being Apple, some piece will have a more form over function approach to it, hopefully something trivial.

Another nice tid-bit is the speed bump the existing Mac Pros are getting, and now we have hope for a new Mac Mini, which brings me more hope. The Mac Mini was the cheap Mac. I’d recommend it to anyone who needed a small server for their macOS powered camp, or for people uncertain about the Apple eco-system and in dire need of replacing their Windows box. This makes me so excited and looking forward to whatever shoots out of Apple next. When I was last in the Apple store, I was waiting for a 2012 retina repair to be finished. While I did, a lady, who introduced herself as a teacher, walked in, grabbed the nearest blue-shirt and pointed to the new MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar), and said: “I want that one, in gray”. The blue-shirt turned around and walked to the back. The lady sat there excitedly rocking back and forth on her heels. I asked her,

“Is this your first MacBook?”

“Yes! Now that the new ones are out, I can finally buy one.”

The blue-shirt returned with a white box, and a bag.

“Is this all we can help you with today?”

I think Apple will see a very decent uptick of purchases from non-Pro users too, just people who want the most future proof, or the most powerful. More or less like the gentleman who buys the most powerful Tahoe–not because it has good “highway passing power”, but because its the fastest.

I’m super excited for the Mac line, no matter what comes next, I think it’ll be great.

My takeaway is that the Mac’s future is bright.

-- John Gruber

Update: Check the store.


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