Mozilla's New Look

I’m a bit disappointed. Mozilla makes a couple of great things (Firefox, Rust, MDN, …). But in contrast to their products, I have a quite bad impression of their Foundation and/or Corporation. I don’t know if it is warranted or not, but I have the impression that they mostly exist to burn through the millions they get from Google for setting them as default search engine.

This is exactly why they are trying to rebrand themselves, to move away from preconceived notions, similar to yours. Not that I’m advocating for the Mozilla Foundation, but that is exactly right

This new branding doesn’t help at all with my perception of Mozilla. If anything, it emphasizes the perception that Mozilla is a bloated entity disconnected from the products I care about. That they put a nerdy “://” in there to appeal technical means to me that they are even aware of this.

And that is where they steered themselves wrong. Most college-age students, people that they seem to be gunning for with the horror-show of meme images, use Chrome, and Chromebooks, or Safari. I personally use Firefox, but they just keep falling short of my expectations. Now, I love this next bit

What I would have done is to go back to the early 2000s unapologetically retro dinosaur. This was from a time when Mozilla was the underdog, when it was the Free alternative, when it was getting better and better, and when Firefox was invented.

The only problem with that is no one they want to use their browser will understand this, plus Firefox hasn’t gotten better for a long time.


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