Modding a Shuttle PC: The GPU

Today I received a ShuttleX PC. It is a small form-factor machine, with a custom board. Smaller than an ITX board, the custom motherboard inside of the ShuttleX features a PCI and AGP slot, 2xDDR2 RAM slots, and a Pentium 4 CPU. Although, not too powerful, it is still a very cool machine. However, it has been a long-time dream of mine to have a PC that is easily carried around. This one fits in my backpack.

Anyway, onto the modification. A penalty of doing an ITX mod is that you lose a PCI-E slot. Not on your board, but on the outside of the case. The custom motherboard is designed in such a way, that there are two slots, but it is one slot too close. Instead of brutally hacking at the case until something happens, I decided to make the GPU of choice a ‘low profile’ card.

Speaking of the GPU choice, I have a spare GTX650 I am going to use.

It is an EVGA ‘SuperClocked’ card, and it is pretty snappy for most games. CS-GO doesn’t need much, you guys.


First, taking the card apart:

There are four screws ‘under’ the fan blades, and one ‘holding’ the PCIE cover on. Remove those and the case.

Now, finding a card that has a similar port layout.

Comparing ports

I found something that worked, well with enough work. I do not know what/where it came from, but it was one of those OEM Dell cards with the multi-monitor port.

I removed the bracket from the GTX 650 as well, so I could trace the ports and cut to spec, not hard in theory.

The bracket


Here is the card in its ‘pre surgical’ state. The black marks are simply permanent marker marks.

All marked up

And its ‘post surgical state’. She isn’t pretty yet. I just used a drill bit to remove the majority of the metal, and I’ll file/cut finer with a Dremel.

After some drilling and, well, not filling

For some reason, I didn’t get a between photo, but I just used a Dremel cutting wheel and polishing wedge to get the job done. The port was shaped decently so.

Here is a photo of me comparing with the OEM card inside of the ShuttleX. The port layout works fine!

Final Product:

I do not know temperatures yet, or if I’ll need a fan. Time will tell.


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