Man, I Miss 2010

2010, was the year of iOS 4. 2010 was when the iPhone 4 was a flagship phone, a beautiful slab of technology. It was regarded as ‘thin’ and ‘lightweight’. Sound weird? It should.

How far we have fallen.

In 2010, we had a readily available jailbreak for the current iOS. Heck, we had a jailbreak for iOS4 Beta 1, here we are, waiting on a jailbreak for 9.2/9.3.x. Relying on Chinese coder teams to find a single, glorious chink in Apple’s armor.

Here is a good reminder of why we used to jailbreak:

That, was an iPhone 3G, running iOS 4, with the homescreen-wallpaper: true line set in N82AP.plist.

What a miracle.


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