Cheap-Oh No: A 12V HDD Power Supply

Welcome back to another segment of ‘Cheap-Oh no!’. Today, we are looking at a power supply that came with a USB->PATA/IDE/SATA bridge. I burnt out my last one, and I didn’t pay close enough attention to what I’d, unfortunately, purchased. Whoopsie. Honey, I bought a knock-off.

Look at that. ‘Trained Service Personal Only’, I am personally trained in service, yes.

Nothing grabs your attention like HAZARDOUSAREA and ZONEDANGEREUSE.

Oh. Darn. No Servilceable components inside, too bad I am servicing instead.

Lets unscrew the case.

Well, ok

Except, there aren’t any. Yup, this new, user-friendly design allows you to just pull the case apart, exposing the electrifying innards. Neat!

Case 2/10

Now, lets look at the soldering. Looks like it was thrown together like a monkey on crack, which would explain the working conditions of the rest of the factory. The board, however, looks nicely laid out, from below.


Notice what is missing? Freaking fuses. Have fun with this one, kiddos, it is sure to be a wild ride.

Internals 4/10*

You know what should’ve tipped me off? The fact that the brand on Amazon was ‘Generic’

Don’t buy this.


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