Cheap-Oh-no: Nintendo DSi Charger

Oh no! I lost my DSi charger. Well, I guess the $9 one on Amazon is just like the delicious, Japanese, OEM adapter, right? Wrong!

The DSi charger on the table. Lets take a closer look at the outer casing.

Wow! No spelling errors or major red flags. It ‘says’ it outputs at 4.8v, but does it really(nope, 5v give or take)?

Sadly, I have to dock points due to the absolute thinness of the case. Feels like painted cardboard.

8/10 - Casing

Lets tear into the adaptor using our trusty iFixit bit driver.

Screws out, aaaand:

Poop. I mean, wow, look at that. Don’t do China, kids.

The soldering job is a bit horrendous, and slightly terrible:

The Adaptor just wouldn’t be complete without bargain bin, factory reject capacitors:

Components: 2/10

Overall: 12/20

Unless you are buying the adaptor for the cord (its super easy to desolder, thanks to the kid who soldered it together), don’t bother.


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