Resetting the Password on a Raspberry Pi

Today I was working on a project I had been recruited to do about three weeks ago. I was given a Raspberry Pi preloaded with the project, but I couldn’t remember the password they’d set.

Using Google-fu, I have compiled the complete tutorial to resetting the password on the pi user.

First, unplug the pi and grab the SD card.

Plug it into your machine (if you have a Micro-SD, get an adaptor).

Then, go to the boot partition and edit a file named cmdline.txt and add init=/bin/sh.

Next, boot the Pi. At the command line, type:

mount -o remount,rw /

Wait for a success message, then type:

passwd pi

substituting pi for your username.

It will ask you to enter the new password twice. If all goes well, unplug the Pi, open the cmdline.txt file on your machine, remove the final line


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